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Through this blog site, I present ideas about how education needs to change in the age of smart machines.  Children in school today will experience disruptions in their lives. They will need to work with smart systems to have decent jobs, to keep learning as professional roles and everyday life change, and to be strong citizens in a time of societal disruption. Here, I present ideas on how the next generation can be educated to thrive with these needs. Click “Overview” above for more information.

The Book

My book, Learning for the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Eight Education Competences, is now out. Click “Book Release” above for more information.

Should the Education System Have a Single Design?

Many forces push schools toward a one-size-fits-all approach, even though school does not seem to work all that well for many students. Why is this, and how can we do better? Why don’t we provide “different strokes for different folks” as part of our education system? Click on title above to see more.

Will Your Job Be Taken Over by a Machine?

OECD has a nice little survey up that you can take.  When you complete it, the website will tell you the chances that your job will be taken over by information technologies.  See for the survey. See for more on the future of work.

Can Our Kids Handle a Rapidly Changing World?

I was moved to write my book by the speed at which changes occur in our society.  The combination of instant communications, artificial intelligence, and climate disruption will keep our routines of life for the foreseeable future. Our children must prepare for this rapidly changing world. Click on title above to see more.