The Book

My book, Learning for the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Eight Education Competences, is now out. Click “Book Release” above for more information.

See Amazon or Routledge for details.

Here are some prepublication reviews:

“If you care about more deeply understanding what it will take to design educational systems that prepare the next generations for a rapidly changing world—especially the ways in which smart machines will influence our careers, work, and life—this book is a must-read.”Rich Milner, Cornelius Vanderbilt Endowed Chair of Education, Professor of Education, Vanderbilt University, USA

“This is an essential book for those who are exploring the impact of artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies on education, the workforce, and life. Alan Lesgold recommends the development of eight competencies in school, home, and ‘third places’ to help us adapt to our rapidly changing world. As a leader in the evolution of cognitive science and intelligent tutoring systems, he is the ideal person to write this book.” Art Graesser, Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Institute of Intelligent Systems, University of Memphis, USA

“Alan Lesgold’s ‘voice’ is a pleasure to read, as he makes complex ideas eminently readable. After having spent his whole career in the world of educational research and application, his observations and use of research are interesting and informative.”Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, School of Education and Departments of Psychology and Linguistics and Cognitive Science, University of Delaware, USA


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